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Capital Partners

CCMG Capital Partners is our business/real estate brokerage division ready to help you buy or sell your business. We help business owners develop a plan for selling or exiting their businesses. CCMG Capital Partners has experience and training in business valuation, taxation, and accounting, which allows us to provide the highest professional business broker services in the area. Let us connect you to your next success.


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Business Valuation

Knowing how much your business is worth helps you plan for the future. A strong understanding of your business's value is crucial, whether it's ways to grow your business or the opportunities you need to be aware of.  We are credentialed business valuation professionals ready to evaluate your business, assist you with mergers and acquisitions, plan for succession, and create an accurate value for your current business.

Our valuation services include tax compliance – buyer's due diligence, gifts, estate tax, buy/sell agreements, shareholder buyouts, indicated value, and exit planning.


Certified Quality of Earnings Report

Ideal for validating the accuracy of a company’s reported earnings.

The Significance of a Quality of Earnings Report in the M&A Process
for middle-market M&A transactions: a quality of earnings report is essential. However, comprehending a QOE report differs significantly from analyzing audited financial statements that business owners are used to seeing.


This report is a vital tool used in the due diligence process, and it can also assist business owners in preparing for an acquisition in advance. This report highlights the financial metrics that underpin the company's value and aids in developing a strategy to maximize the acquisition's worth.

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Field Audit Reporting

Ideal for physically verifying an organization's accounts receivables, inventory, and assets

Field audits bolster the accuracy and completeness of an organization's financial records. They come in three forms:

  • Accounts Receivable Audits: These audits verify the accuracy of recorded receivables and ensure they match the amounts owed to the organization. By identifying potential discrepancies, this audit enhances the credibility of the organization’s financial statements.

  • Inventory Audits: These audits assess the accuracy of recorded inventory by physically inspecting items to confirm their existence and verifying their condition. The goal is to prevent inventory misstatements, identify potential shrinkage, and ensure accurate financial reporting.

  • Asset Audits: These audits entail physically inspecting and verifying the existence, condition, and location of tangible assets like property, equipment, and vehicles. This audit reduces the risk of overstatement or understatement by aligning recorded assets with physical reality.

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PitchBook / CIM

Ideal for providing professional-grade marketing collateral to potential buyers about a business

Prepared in-house by CCMG’s Marketing Team, a Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM), also called a “PitchBook,” is a 20+ page marketing and sales document that details the main attributes of a business for sale. Our team will build a report with essential information such as the asking price, company history, products and services, investment highlights, industry & market analysis, key employees and financials. Ideal for business owners, brokers & advisors who want to send professional–grade marketing collateral to potential buyers.

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Ideal for generating initial interest in a business without divulging too much information

A Teaser is a condensed version of a CIM, providing the essential information about a business for sale. It includes the asking price, company highlights, growth opportunities, top customers, and adjusted financials. This document gives potential buyers a quick business overview without divulging sensitive information. It helps to generate initial interest in the business and encourages potential buyers to take the next steps in the due diligence process.

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